Hotel Las Mariposas
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Terms and Conditions

Reservations are confirmed after we contact you personally and receive your credit card details. Your credit card is used to guarantee your reservation. An advance deposit equivalent to the cost of one night's accommodation is required to hold the reservation, and is charged to your card according to the Reservation and Cancelation policy (below):

* With 24 hour notice, there is no cancelation charge (more details below)
* Check in after 2 pm, check out before 11 am. If your room becomes available before 2 pm, we will be happy to give you the room.
* Room price includes breakfast. No refunds for breakfast not partaken.
* We welcome children over the age of twelve.
* Sorry, we don't accept pets.




Reservation and Cancellation Policy

* The reservation is held for 24 hours from the date of the provisional reservation in good faith. A valid credit card and a one night deposit is required to secure your reservation after the 24 hour period.
* The booking is confirmed and guaranteed from the point in time when the requested valid credit card information and the one night deposit have been received.
* You may cancel your reservation 24 hours prior to the scheduled arrival date without incurring any cancellation fee.
* If a no-show occurs your credit card will be charged the full amount of the reserved room bill.
* Payment is for the original length of the reservation. If any reservation changes occur, i.e., arriving later or leaving earlier than booked for, (shortened stays), there will be no refund or credit issued.
* No cancellation refund is possible during specifically indicated High Season periods, for example Day of the Dead (October/November), Christmas and New Years, Easter and the Guelaguetza (July).

High Season 2023
1-15th April

15-31st July

22nd October - 5th November

Decemeber 15th - 7th January 2024

February 3-6
March 17-20
April 28 - May 5th
14 - 17 Sepetember
17-20 November

* The reason for cancellation is solely an issue for the booking party. Hotel Las Mariposas cannot be held liable for any circumstances, which do not allow for arrival and use of the provided accommodation.
* Guests at Hotel Las Mariposas agree to remain personally liable for the payment of the account including all losses to the supplied contents of the room, damages other than normal wear and tear, repairs due to abuse and/or misuse of electrical equipment, insect screens, and other items provided by the Inn.