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Being Earth-friendly

We are the only family-run hotel with ecological certification, and the first in Oaxaca with Trip Advisor Ecological Certification.

Bronze Level Trip Advisor Certification (GreenLeaders)

Eco Tip: To make your stay as enviro-friendly as possible, please take short showers and use the provided sand timer.



To help the preservation of our environment, we implement the following measures:

* Solar-powered water heaters throughout the hotel
* Photovoltaic solar panels
* Rainwater collection system
* The purified water we consume comes from a spring located in the mountain community of Santa Catarina Ixtepeji
* Our coffee is organic, ecologically grown by small Oaxacan producers and fair-trade certified
* We reduce water usage with our low-flow toilets that save one liter of water per flush
* In our laundry we use only biodegradable products
* We recycle water from the laundry to keep our garden lush and green
* We use energy-saving LEDs to light the common areas
* We separate our garbage and provide containers for plastic, paper, cardboard and batteries
* We make compost using red californian worms on the organic trash produced in the hotel
* Thanks to the participation of our guests, we save energy, water and cleaning products by avoiding unnecessary daily changes of sheets and towels
* In the showers we have containers especially to collect cold water before the arrival of hot water, allowing the collected water to be put to good use in other ways
* We reduce waste by using large bottles of shampoo. We also ask guests to refill their small water bottles using the large water bottles in public areas
* Our trash bags are biodegradable